Stealt64 Video(capture)/CuSeeMe/Cudoodle

Vandevort, Ed (
Wed, 15 Jan 97 12:06:00 PST

Dear List Members:
This follows yesterday's message re:attempt to get these to work:
I first placed the file "cudoodle.dll" in my c:\windows\system directory.
Then, I put following lines in system.ini / [DRIVERS] section:
I Restarted Win95 & CuSeeMe came up and ran OK as a
"Lurker" using the cudoodle.drv as my "Capture Device"
in CU /preferences/video. I RECIEVED good video and sound {NASA}.
As a CU "Sender" the TV image placed under the cudoodle window
DID NOT show anything in the CuSeeMe "Send" Window. I suspect the
same will occur with a live video feed from my JVC CamCorder.
So, next, I will try : Bring up Paint with an Image and move it
under Cudoodle Window & see if it shows
in the CuSeeMe "Send" Window. "If yes,"
then I can at least transmit something
and not be just a "lurker". I then should
also be able to transmit .avi files in the
same manner using Windows MediaPlayer.
**** My goal, STILL, is to send a "Live" Camcorder shot ****
**** using CuSeeMe and my Stealth64 "capture" card. ****
I was unsuccessful using stlthcap.drv as my CuSeeMe capture device
in Cu-preferences/video settings.
I recieved these ERROR Messages and NO VIDEO to "send":
"....Video capture device can NOT capture 120x160 images
or 4 or 8 bit images ; you will not be able to capture or send video..."

ps: My wild & crazy idea might be to just reinstall my "YeOld" Video Spigot
vidcap board next to my Stealth64 "TV" card. It worked before in Win95
with CuSeeMe ; then hope for an "Extra IRQ" { irq 9, 11 or 12 } may it will

work. If so, then I will just have to accept that my Diamond Stealth64 is
only a PCI video display card that pops up my favorite TV Show .