Re: Apple VideoPhone Kit and CUSeeMe?

John Ingham (
Fri, 17 Jan 1997 10:18:09 +1030 asked...

>Someone told me the new Apple VideoPhone Kit would "work" with CUSeeMe. Has
anyone tried it? What were your experiences?

By "Apple VideoPhone Kit" I guess you mean the hardware kit that comes with
Apple's "Quicktime Videoconferencing". If so then yes I have tried it, and
yes it "works" with CU-SeeMe - I use the camera for CU-SeeMe on my desk
computer at work - a Mac 7100.

It requires an "AV" Macintosh or a Mac with a Video Capture card (unlike
Connectix's Quickcam which can be used with almost any Mac for CU-SeeMe).
The camera has a focus but no zoom control but it is quite suitable for

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