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John Ingham (
Fri, 17 Jan 1997 10:36:04 +1030

Raquel asked...

>Could anyone help me? I am trying to use CU-Seeme, and most of the times
>(95%) that I try to connect either to a reflector or to an individual's IP
>At the same time, my brother was easily connecting to the same reflector.
>Another question I have: If I want to communicate with John Smith, and he
>wants also to communicate with me, do we both have to connect to the other's
>IP address??? Or is it enough that either of us connects to the other's IP

I suggest Raquel that the second question gives a hint to the answer to the
first! No you don't have to call each other, it IS enough that either of
you connects to the other's IP address. I have noticed recently however
that whenever I call a friend in Alabama, he never responds - indeed he
doesn't even see an invitation (I know because I've checked over the
telephone as I called him)! And yet his calls to me ALWAYS get through and
connect when I answer them. I'm pretty sure the problem is not my end
because I can connect to other IPs with no problem.

I don't know why this should be - maybe it's a configuration problem at my
friend's end (perhaps "Squeek" would like to comment). Anyway, if the ONLY
way you can connect with your brother is when he calls you, then I'd
suggest that something is wrong with your configuration causing an
in-ability for you to *initiate* ANY connection.

On the other hand though, I must comment that the number of Reflectors
which seem to operate around the clock seem to be dwindling - usually from
the list of 50 or so which come with the White Pine Enhanced software, I
can get replies from only a half a dozen at any one time.

Sorry Raquel that this reply isn't more helpful, but at least you know
you're not entirely alone!

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