Re: where are the sites?

John Ingham (
Fri, 17 Jan 1997 13:04:35 +1030

Doug asked...

>Hi. I'd like to know about some Nasa Sites. Preferably in U.S. was provided with Enhanced CU-SeeMe as a NASA site - try
there, if it's busy it'll show a list of "mirror" sites for you to try.

>ALso some sites that except lurkers. (cam coming soon).

I think you mean "accept" - they mostly all do to my knowledge. Again, the
Enhanced version of CU-SeeMe provides many reflector addresses. Check the
"Phone Book" under the "Conference" menu item.

>Also if anyone knows how to hook up my JVC camcorder to my IBM PC. I
>understand that the camcorder can be used as a SUBSTITOTE to Connectrix

You'll need a video capture card if you want to feed video from a camcorder
into a PC. The Connectix Camera (with suitable software drivers) does not
require a capture card.

Point your Web brouser at for all the
information you never knew you wanted about CU-SeeMe - well almost all ;)

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