CU-SeeMe and 7200/90 - 7.5.3

Gilles Papain (
Mon, 20 Jan 97 01:50:15 +0100

I have a compatibility problem with CU-SeeMe and my Mac 7200/90 with OT
1.1.1 and 32Mo Ram.

When i run CU with the systeme 7.5.3 or 7.5.5 everything becomes very
very slow when I start to send video, almost frozen ! And this append
even if i start with the minimun system without extra extentions and w/o
virtual memory.

I'm Using a QuikCam B&W

I don't have this problem when i start my Mac with systeme 7.5.2.
But with PCI Mac, you can guess thant I can't use it all the time...

Thank you for your help.

Gilles Papain