Irish Student

Wed, 22 Jan 1997 21:07:21 GMT

I am an Irish student currently studying computer networks and
satellite comms in the RTC Letterkenny,Donegal and one of my projects
is on video conferencing. As part of my project I have set up a
reflector site running Cu-Seeme and I want to test how the
packets(frames) are sent over the networks we have here (ATM,Ethernet
and Token Ring).
My questions are as follows:
1) I want to use a packet sniffer to 'capture' the frames but can
you tell me what the frames consist of - how do they work ?
I know Cu-Seeme uses UDP protocol but can you give me more
infomation ?
2) Is there any more useful information you can give me concerning

I would gratefully appreciate any information concerning the
Paul Garry.