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Les McGregor (
Thu, 23 Jan 1997 10:54:44 +0200

Hi Bill

I have just checked all you suggested and the same result. All was in
order according to your suggestions.

I have made sure that all my printers are NOT using LPT1. I have set them
all to COM1 and only have a few Win95 network ports configured, none
referring to LPT1. No captured ports either.

The camera seems to be getting power because it was situated near my
radio in my office and when I switched on the PC the radio went crazy!
Moved the camera and radio ok.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Les McGregor.
Technical Support Manager
Ernst & Young
East London
South Africa

>>> "Bill Woodland (Squeek)" <> 22/January/1997
04:30am >>>
At 04:21 PM 1/20/97 +0200, you wrote:
>Hi All
>I have just been given one of the above cameras and have installed the
>software for Win95. When I run QuickMovie, I get the following error
>QuickCam not plugged in, driver in use by another application, or parallel
>port in use by another device.
>I also get an error running QuickPict.
>I am running a Dell P133 notebook, 24Mb RAM and have the camera
>connected to the parallel port and the other connecter connected to the
>keyboard port.
>Any suggestions where I am missing something.
>Many thanks.
>Les McGregor.
>Technical Support Manager
>Ernst & Young
>East London
>South Africa
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Try this:

>Date: Mon, 18 Dec 1995 15:37:11 -0500
>From: Rich Kennerly <>
>To: <>
>Subject: Getting the QuickCam to work with Windows '95
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>Windows Users (with QuickCam's),
> A number of Win'95 users have reported problems getting the
>to work with CU-SeeMe. Here is a FAQ entry I just added to the ftp
>server: Let me know if you've done all these
>steps and things don't work, or if you know of other things that need
>to be checked.
> Thanks,
>-Rich Kennerly - PC Windows CU-SeeMe developer.
>QuickCam doesn't work with Win'95
>Here are the steps to take to install a QuickCam with Window '95
>1) Run the QuickCam installer.
>2) Make sure the capture driver, called QUICKCAM.DRV, is in the
> /WINDOWS/SYSTEM directory.
>3) Check the file SYSTEM.INI (in the /WINDOWS directory) and make
> there's an entry in the [drivers] section for msvideo like this:
> msvideo=quickcam.drv
> If you've had another capture driver installed you might see another
> driver listed as msvideo and another entry, msvideo1=quickcam.drv.
> this case you should switch the quickcam to be msvideo and the other
> driver to be msvideo1.
>4) Use the Win'95 Control Panel for Multimedia. On the 'Advanced'
> double click on the Video Capture Devices icon. You should see an
> entry for QuickCam. Double click on the icon for QuickCam. Make
> the "Use the video capture device" choice is selected.
>5) Restart Win'95.
Bill Woodland (Squeek)
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