Why Doesn't CU-See-Me Work On A Performa 6300?

Pete Bonasso (bonasso@mickey.jsc.nasa.gov)
Thu, 23 Jan 1997 08:27:07 -0600

Anyone ever been successful doing CU-See-Me with a Performa 6300CD
with a built-in global village 28.8 modem? Please email me and let me
know how you did it.


Here's run down on the problem:

[In the following I got the same results with playthrough checked and
not checked in my sound control panel. I use the internet with my
system regularly with no trouble at all.]

I have a perf 6300CD (no video just trying audio) and last night tried
to use CU-See-Me 0.83b3. Tried to connect to myself, and once I did I
couldn't hear myself. What the heck; so I tried to connect to the CMU
reflector with the NASA broadcast. Got in fine, got the NASA video and
audio. But couldn't seem to get a response from any user when I
transmitted. Disconnected and connected to the Cornell reflector. Got
in fine, could receive video, but couldn't hear anyone. Tried
broadcasting but got no response from any user. Used a second line to
call up my son-in-law and got him to connect his 6100/60 to the
reflector. I saw him as a lurker with his speaker icon with a green
slash through it. He saw me as a lurker with a red x through my mic
icon. When he transmitted I couldn't hear him. Needless to say he
couldn't hear me. I can't think of anything to do.