Re: reverb on CU?

John Ingham (
Fri, 24 Jan 1997 18:30:24 +1030

DM said...

>Hi. I am using the cuseeme version WO.86B7 for windows (3.11)
>I have apentium, 75 mhz, svga, etc. While I am attached to
> the voice sounds like someone talking thru a reveb on my
>speaker. The picture itself disappears, only to return within 1 minute.
>I've played with the audio volume, up and down, but the reverb effect stays.
>I find this to happen to alot of sites, not just this one. Suggestions?

This "reverb" effect is indicative of transmission data errors. I have
found this to be an effect peculiar to receiving on a Windows/PC system; I
have also seen it described as a "machine-gun effect". It does not happen
when receiving on a Mac; instead Macs sound "stutters" under similar
I also find that Windows/PC users must *manually* freeze their video when
transmitting audio via a modem; Macs seem to be able to automatically
freeze their video during audio transmission.

Try this. When in direct point to point connection (ie not via a
reflector) if you're receiving a bad stretch of audio during which time the
video continues to update, immediately close the associated video window.
After several seconds (during which your system will signal the originating
system not to send video) you will often experience a sudden improvement in
sound quality.

This trick will only work via a reflector if the data errors are on the
path between the reflector and you. If they are already on the path
between the originator and the reflector, there is nothing that you can do
at your end to force the originator to stop sending video.

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