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Gilles Papain (gpapain@planete.net)
Fri, 24 Jan 97 12:51:50 +0100

>I've recently bought a Quickcam. It was so slow in colour that I changed
>it for a B/W. it's not a lot better.
>I have all the drivers installed correctly. The incoming picure seems
>made up of 'blocks' which can take about 45 seconds to load. If the
>person moves, it takes another 45 secs to register the new position.
>sometimes it freezes completely.
>The chat window is impossibly slow. It can take about 20 seconds for a
>reply to be posted.
>Is all this normal and to be expected?
>I run a 133 Pentium with a 28800 modem and 32 meg of RAM.
>Thanks for anyone's help!
>Tony Stewart

I have the same problem on my MAC 7200/90...