Agust Eliasson (agel@skima.is)
Sun, 26 Jan 1997 11:31:49 GMT

Hello all.

I'm new on the list and have been lurking for a week or so since I
downloaded the CU free version. I have installed CU but have not been able
to use it yet.

I live in Iceland and my main interest with CU is to be able to chat over
the Net with my daughter who lives in London, England.

I have a Pentium 75 PC w. 16 M and a 28.8 modem. She has a Mac 7200/90 w. 32
M and 14.4 modem. We both have SoundBlaster. We don't have QuickCam's yet
and will only consider geting them if the audio works well.

So far I have been reading what I found on the Net about CU, the CU help
files and the list mail. I have asked my server people for an IP address and
a name for my PC (I don't even know if I already have one!). My daughter has
just downloaded CU and I will instruct her via email about the next steps.

Can anyone help? Or point me to some further instructions to read.

Can anyone of you in England tell me if my daughter's server (demon.co.uk)
will work with CU? If not, wich server should she use?

Please email me privately so not to clutter up the list with stuff that all
of you know already.

Thanks for any help.