Re: Bandwidth problems.

Bill Woodland (
Sun, 26 Jan 1997 23:52:33 -0600

At 11:19 PM 1/16/97 -0600, you wrote:
>We're trying the point-to-point conference with WhitePine's CUSeeMe.
>The network connection we have is T1 (1.4 Mbps?). We set the maximum
>bandwidth to 999 kbps, but the transmission and receiving rate hovers
>just around 60 kbps. Is there any way we can increase the rate. I've
>heard that there is a cap of 80 kbps in some reflectors, but based on
>what we've read, we don't think the connection is thru a reflector
>since the conference is point-to-point. Is there any way (some inside
>tips and tricks!) to increase the bandwith so as to have a smoother
>transmission flow.
>Help would be highly appreciated.

Are you using a quickcam? If so, then the speed of your parallel port and
CPU are the limiting factors here. A high speed EPP parallel port can make
a big difference in the amount of FPS, but also keep in mind that CU only
sends the pixels that have changed, so I don't think you will EVER need more
than 100k for transmit max.

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