Video/Audio Streaming

John Henry Wells (
Mon, 27 Jan 97 8:10:37 CST

Three questions for the list:

1. Can anyone point me to reference web pages that incoporate
realtime video/audio streaming? I would like to broadcast
a CU-SeeMe reflector transmission to a static web page
without the need for x-cuseeme plugin. I have heard of
javaCU but need further references to aid my development

2. Has anyone attempted connecting CU-SeeMe audio transmission
to conventional telephone? I would like to connect a
telepnone conference call to a web reflector group.

3. Why is it that CU-SeeMe seems to be systematically overlooked
by the computer/internet press? In the recent issue of
Furtune mag's technology review, the review of various
state-of-the-art videoconferencing systems did not include
CU-SeeMe. As far as I can tell, CU-SeeMe is the only
system that is multi-platform, allows group conferencing,
and is inexpensive to implement. Did I miss something
about CU-SeeMe that would cause me NOT to consider it the
videoconferencing standard?

John Henry Wells, Engr.D.
Louisiana State University