Stupid stupid decision on Play Inc.'s part - Can't disable Power Saver on Snappy 2.0!

Yours Truly (
Mon, 27 Jan 1997 18:01:08 -0500 (EST)

Hello again, boys and girls. I am back on the list.

I just spent 34 minutes on hold (longdistance) calling Play's tech support
line since they shamelessly ignored my repeated request for aid via email
*and* via their special "Fast Response Form" on D**kheads.

To make a short story long, :) I bought the Snappy 2.0 a few weeks ago
with the intention of using it for videoconferencing purposes by using the
preview window as the source of the video and running CUDoodle to trick
the PC into thinking an actual multiple-frame video capture board is being
used (Snappy is meant for 'still' grabbing, as you know).

So yeah, I ran it, even upgraded to the latest patch, Snappy 2.1 build
143. But my problem was, I couldn't disable the annoying Power Saver mode
which kept interfering with my live video every 30-60 seconds. I looked
for a snappy.ini file EVERYWHERE so I could utilize some sacred knowledge
I obtained from this list a few months back by the Omniscient Bill
Woodland (what's up, dude?). Evidentally, with the OLDER Snappys you
would change a setting on c:\windows\snappy.ini (or maybe
c:\windows\system\snappy.ini or c:\snappy\snappy.ini)..change it from
PowerSaver=TRUE to PowerSaver=FALSE. Well, yeah, as I'm here today to
announce, there aint no way to disable that annoying bloody "feature" on
the 32bit software (AKA "Snappy 2.0"). There is NO ini file, and the
parameters are stored in which is a binary file (I tried to mess
with it too, changing smiley faces=01H into nulls=00H without success).

So what it looks like I'm going to have to do, at least until a better
solution avails, is to TRADE the new software (Snappy 2.0) with someone
who has the older 16bit software which will let me disable this pesky
"feature". Yeah, yeah, I know all the legal BS that I have to remove
Snappy 2.0 (with all the accompanying apps) from my system before I can
sell/trade it, as with any other copyrighted software. Other than that,
there's really no reason I shouldn't be able to LEGALLY trade Snappy 2.0
for "original" Snappy software (16bit). Is that right?

So that's basically it. The tech support guy I spoke to didn't even have
a clue that Snappy COULD be used for videoconferencing purposes. I told
him you need "CUDoodle" and he goes "I've heard of CU-SeeMe, but not.."
and I told him "well CUDoodle is an add-on for CU-SeeMe". I asked the guy
how do I contact someone in management to get this feature back on, and he
told me to use the fax # 916.851.0801 (he called it the Developers' line).
Later I noticed that it's listed on as the plain "fax" #,
differentiated from the "Tech Support Fax", which is 916.853.9831.

Well, that's about it (again). I'm not sure if I'm going to try to run
after Snappy to put this feature back in the 32bit app. After all, it's
their lost revenue if they don't realize their product can EASILY be used
for videoconferencing. That's basically the reason I bought it, so I
could take the compact Snappy box with me wherever I go, and after 5
minutes of installing the necessary software (Snappy itself,
CUSeeMe/FreeVue, and CUDoodle), I'm in business. It works VERY VERY WELL
right now (1-3fps b&w, which is fine with me) other than the annoyance of
having to "wake up" the Preview Mode by moving the mouse on top of the
Preview window.

I suppose someone from CU-SeeMe would halso ave a motive to get Snappy to
do videoconferencing painlessly as well. There are only, what, 2 billion
people who own the Snappy today? :)

God bless and all that good stuff,

P.S. For kicks, I decided to email this to,,,, &
Hopefully it will get to Management and they'll take this under
advisement. Oh, yeah, and Play, why don't you open a RAPID Answer line
where people with simple questions can get service FASTER? Pretty unfair
that the ones of us WHO KNOW what the hell we're talking about have to
wait for the idiots who can't locate the "Start" button.