Re: Stupid stupid decision on Play Inc.'s part - Can't disable

Bill Woodland (
Tue, 28 Jan 1997 10:52:50 -0600

At 06:01 PM 1/27/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Hello again, boys and girls. I am back on the list.
>So yeah, I ran it, even upgraded to the latest patch, Snappy 2.1 build
>143. But my problem was, I couldn't disable the annoying Power Saver mode
>which kept interfering with my live video every 30-60 seconds. I looked
>for a snappy.ini file EVERYWHERE so I could utilize some sacred knowledge
>I obtained from this list a few months back by the Omniscient Bill
>Woodland (what's up, dude?). Evidentally, with the OLDER Snappys you

Yo Ron...I can understand your frustration. I hate it when I get a "you
can't do that" kind of answer from people like that, or a technician that
doesn't have the latest info.

I spoke with a young man named DEAN at PLAY's tech support who says to use for this kind of info/support. Dean seems to know
more than the guy you spoke to, and he gave me this info:

Click on Start/Run and enter "regedit" and hit <enter>
Work your way down the registry tree thru the following levels:
acquire options

On the right, you should see the two options Power Saver and Preview Time
Out. If you DON'T see these, then go to the Snappy setup menu and click on
SAVE OPTIONS. This will set your defaults.

Double click on "preview time out" and change the value to zero. This will
disable the timeout completely. Dean called his programmer to verify this,
and then he made the change on his own computer as we talked on the phone,
and he said that it worked perfectly.

I will add this info to the SNAPPY section of my web page soon, along with
some other info that Dean is going to forward to me.


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