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At 07:20 AM 1/21/97 -0800, you wrote:
>At 02:54 PM 1/20/97 +0800, you wrote:
>>I recently purchased an Iomega zip external drive. I am running WP
>>enhanced CUSeeMe on Windows95 on a 486/50 system with a 28.8 USR modem.
>>I only have one parallel port which the zip drive plugs into. I have an
>>A/B switch which plugs into the zip drive to allow operation of my
>>printer and CUSeeMe. The zip drive is supposed to "pass through" data
>>when it is not being used. It does to the printer but with CUSeeMe I get
>>a black screen when connecting to self.
>>Has anyone else tried this configuration? Any help would be appreciated.
>>Dear Sir:
>I think I can help you with this one. The i-omega zip drive and the
>connectix quick cam will not work together. Before you blow out your
>motherboard use the Quick cam alone. I blew two motherboards and could not
>get the systems to work at all. I even got the assistance of CompUSA to get
>this work. You would think that with the way the Zip states the parrall set
>up that you would be able to set the cam on the same line with the Cam. It
>won't work. The way that me and my brother-in-law did the setup is as

I find it hard to belive that you could blow out a MOTHERBOARD this way,
unless the parallel port is built into the motherboard. I could be wrong
tho. EXACTLY which part of the motherboard did you blow out? Just the
built in parallel port perhaps? This could be replaced by an expansion
card, tho I'd still be pretty pissed off if this happend to me.

>*Buy another port slot that will be used for the cam.
>*Set the Zip drive on the printer line and hook up the printer through the Zip.

That's the best solution to the problem

>This will save your motherboard and you should be able to get the full power
>of the cam along with the Zip Drive. Why do you have to do this. Bill
>Woodland will tell you that the Quick Cam especially color needs to use alot
>of Memory. With the hook up on the Zip drive it appears that the line does
>not allocate enough for the Cam to utilize the computer and therefore you
>get the temporary "black screen." after that the pic should come up but it
>is a lot of stress on the line and eventually you may blow your board.
>Hope this helps.

True, I WOULD say that the Color Quickcam requires more memory, but I bet
that's NOT the problem here. This guy is using an A/B switch, and the first
thing I would check is does it pass thru all 25 lines? MOST of the newer
A/B switches do switch all 25 lines, but some of the older ones do not.
Most printers don'tuse all 25 pins, but devices like the Zip drive and the
Quickcam DO use all of them.

Check these web pages for more info on the Zip drive:
shows the parallel port cable pin-out
shows known printer problems and solutions
zip drive technical info page, where I found the other two pages

I talked to Iomega's tech support and gave them's
email address, and some more info so they could investigate the use of a
Quickcam with the parallel Zip drive. The tech support guy promised to
email him (her?) more info.

Bill Woodland (Squeek)
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