Geektalk for PC

Veronique Cecile Lambelet (
29 Jan 1997 09:03:28 -0000

Hi all! I'm a new in, so I hope it'll work...
I want to get my geelk talk working, but I don't know how... To make a long
story short, here is what happened...

- I've been on CU for only 3 months, and I realized that people could send me
private (<privately>) messages but I couldn't send any private message... where
was the problem?!?!? Well, a friend of mine emailed me a copy of the program
but I couldn't get it work... it was for mac and I have a pc (win3.1,so can't
have icq... and have the cornell version of CU)...

-Another friend sent me a geelktalk version for pc.. but I couldn't get it
work.. so I asked again, on CU, for help... somebody told me to create a
"nickname.ini" file... "what is that and how do I do that?" I asked... answer:
I'll send it to u...

-I got that file, put it in my Cu document... still not working...
And then, stupid girl of me, I realized that I haden't unzipped the whole
Install.exe file... And Gellk talk was in there...I installed that geekpc.exe

- Now where I'm at: I have the icon working, I get the geektalk window (I can
even type in it) but I can't send my message... says" Error of protection in
file Geelktalk" or somethiong like that...

What shall I do.. get the nicknameini.bin file (which I can't read, since it's
a bin file) out of the CU document? Go and see what's going on in th Geelktalk
I need your help, guys... I need that geek talk as soon as possible, so ...
Thanks for your answers...
Veronica Lambelet

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