Re: Black screen

Eugene Dovgune (
Wed, 29 Jan 97 18:57:45 +0300

>>>I recently purchased an Iomega zip external drive. I am running WP
>>>enhanced CUSeeMe on Windows95 on a 486/50 system with a 28.8 USR modem.
>>>I only have one parallel port which the zip drive plugs into. I have an
>>>A/B switch which plugs into the zip drive to allow operation of my
>>>printer and CUSeeMe. The zip drive is supposed to "pass through" data
>>>when it is not being used. It does to the printer but with CUSeeMe I get
>>>a black screen when connecting to self.

I may be wrong, but as I can understand from original message, its
author connected his A/B switch to wrong place. It must be:


While the original configuration (as I can suppose from letter) is:


If so, then A/B switch should be connected to PC directly,
not via Zip drive. Sorry again if I am in misunderstanding.
English is not my native language. Also, I already deleted
the original message, so can't to send this by private mail.