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John Ingham (
Thu, 30 Jan 1997 08:23:54 +0930

Hi Sylvie, you asked...

>Could someone give me some hints in order to improve audio : right now it
>seems like my sister is an martian talking to me with really strange
>sounds from outer space...

The MOST IMPORTANT thing to know about CU-SeeMe audio via a dial-up modem
is that there is not enough bandwidth to support live video PLUS audio.
Although the Macintosh CU-SeeMe seems to automatically freeze the outgoing
video while transmitting audio, but this MUST be done manually if you are
using a Windows/PC system.

Actually Sylvie, I have recently discovered that the best way to run sound
with pictures is with a seperate audio program called "PowWoW" which is
available from It is available quite free of charge
for personal use, and it has the advantage of being able to make a
connection to another party WITHOUT you first having to know their IP
number, because the system uses a central registry of "whose on" based on
your e-mail address.

I run this at the same time as CU-SeeMe to establish a connection with my
overseas friends, exchange IP numbers and then connect using CU-SeeMe. I
find that the combination of (silent) CU-SeeMe and PowWow for Speech and
Chat works better than just CU-SeeMe alone because the PowWow audio seems
more robust than CU-SeeMe's audio and when stressed is more gracious in the
way it degrades. I can sometimes even get away with not freezing the video
when I speak.

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