Re: Question about sound and common reflectors, such as the White

John Ingham (
Thu, 30 Jan 1997 18:20:27 +0930

Ryan Anderson asked...

>Is it common to get choppy sound through the White Pine site?
>Has anyone here played with sound through a local reflect (using the
>SELF-REFLECT keyword) ? I've been having problemsgetting consistent

If you're connected via a dial-up modem, make sure you freeze your transmit
video when speaking. You'll find it makes a whole heap of difference.

If you're in direct point to point connection and the other party sounds
choppy, if you see any movement while they are speaking try closing your
receive video window. After a delay of several seconds during which your
CU-SeeMe signals to their CU-SeeMe that transmitting video packets is no
longer necessary, you should notice a sudden improvement in sound quality.

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