I second the audio question

Pete Bonasso (bonasso@mickey.jsc.nasa.gov)
Thu, 30 Jan 1997 09:43:58 -0600

Thanks to all of u who helped me set up my transmission and receiving
parameters. In fact I noticed also that everything is easier in a point
to point connection what I decided to practice more often with my sister
in California !
Could someone give me some hits in order to improve audio : right now it
seems like my sister is an martian talking to me with really strange
sounds from outer space...
Can I hope to be hearing something understandable some day ?

I'm having the same trouble. I don't use video (yet) just
audio. SOmehow I thought Cu-See-Me would be a really inexpensive
alternative to Internet Phone, but the audio at 28.8 on a mac just
comes in as fits and starts.

Is there a trick to setting the audio so as to actually hear a
continuous stream of voice? Or is that impossible with modems?