Reflector Configuration

Joseph P. Schepis (
Fri, 31 Jan 97 12:01:22

I have tried to set up the Cornell reflector v4.0B3 on a Sun SPARC running Sun
OS 4.1.2. I modified the reflect.conf for two conferences (0 and 1), but when
I try to connect, I get a reflector error msg. Very strangely, the error msg
is the message string for the 2nd conf.

I can only connect if I specify conf 1 in the CUSeeme call window... then I do
connect to conf 1. Nothing I've done so far will let me on conf 0.

Does anyone have access to a reflect.conf with more than one conference set?
Any advice?


Joseph P. Schepis

NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center
Electromechanical Systems Branch
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