Ciaran Thanks... FPS problem continued...

Carl Sohlberg (
Fri, 31 Jan 1997 19:29:11 +0100

Tony wrote:

>Subject: question on getting setup
>Message-ID: <>
>I want to run CU-SeeMe on an old Macintosh IIfx, OS=7.1
>I just installed the QuickCam software and the latest (85)
>version of CU-SeeMe; I'm using the modem port for the
>modem, and the printer port for the QuickCam, and turned off
>any printer/localtalk drivers, etc.

Tell me Tony, could you get moving pictures
as a lurker? I don't on a Mac Performa 68030
with a 28.8. modem with CUSeeme 0.85b1.

Not much point in buying a camera as I get only
very slow pictures, squqare by square and no movements.
But the final pictures are clear.

And I did receive music and some talk.....

- Should I expect moving pictures on this machine?