source code for cornell 4.00b3??

Chris Clark (
Fri, 31 Jan 1997 18:22:12 -0600

Does anyone have the source code for the cornell 4.00b3 reflector??

I am running 3.0b3 on MkLinux on a Powermac, but 4.00b3 has some
features that I would really like to have. Unfortunately Cornell does
not have a version compiled for MkLinux on PPC's and they no longer
supply the source code. (the only way I could get a reflector up at all
was because they still have the source for 3.0b3 available).

Also, I am constantly having the 3.0b3 version go down (sometimes it
stays up for 45min other times only for a few min (only goes down when
people are on)) with an error of somthing like "recvfrom error on
vid_sock. Connection refused:Fatal error : exiting".

If anyone knows how to fix that error (or what it means) or could get me
the source for 4.00b3 I would be very gratefull.

Thanks in advance

Chris Clark