camera recommendations

Bruce Dodson (
Wed, 31 Dec 1997 19:48:59 -0400

I have scanned through the archives and have come to the conclusion that the
parallel-port cameras like quickcam won't do what I want. So I was
wondering if anyone has any recommendations of USB camera versus capture
card/camera combo. The USB cameras, like Kodak DVC300 and Intel Create and
Share, are a bit cheaper than the capture card combos like USR BigPicture.

So my question is this: Are the USB cards cheaper because they are easier to
manufacture, or just because they are not as good?

One possible benefit of the capture card combos is that I could use it for
other things besides video conferencing. There are the conventional uses
(i.e. video capture), but I wondered if the capture card can also be used to
view movies and TV via a VCR? I wouldn't need a TV tuner because the VCR
has that. Ideally I could plug the camera into the VCR's AV ports, the VCR
into the computer, and then be able to watch movies windowed or full-screen
from my computer room, OR switch the VCR to let the camera input pass
through. Am I crazy?

There is also the (still more expensive) option of a home-grown combo of
capture card (e.g. vidium) and a standalone camera. That would probably
give the best picture and best flexibility, but it wouldn't be as compact or

Ideas? Preferences?