Re: using japanese characters in CU SeeMe

Richard McDonald (
Thu, 1 Jan 1998 10:28:31 -0500

>Could anyone tell me how one can use Japanese characters in CU See me
>videoconferencing? We use a Mac platform, run the latest version of CU
>See Me,
>and have the japanese language kit installed... yet it does not seem to"work"
>for videoconferencing. Any ideas?

I find it works quite well with the cornell version, and quite poorly with
the North American White Pine version. (There is a commercial japanized
white pine version for sale in Japan. None of the following comments apply
to the commerial Japanized WP version.)

With the Cornell version, the trick is to set the font in the chat area to
one of the Japanese fonts (I use Osaka). How to do this depends on whether
you're using vanilla cu or have added Geektalk.

In vanilla cornell, the little "config" button at the bottom of the chat
window contains the font set capability -- go in there and pick a japanese
font. It works "pretty" well, but you'll find cut&past of Japanese
characters from the output area is inconsistent. This was a problem for
me, as I wanted to cut from the output and paste into a Japanese dictionary
to help my vocabulary.

Enter GeekTalk. It replaces the chat window with its own. Now you set the
font for the typing area with the "Preferences" item in the "Geektalk"
menu. You set the font for the output area with the "User Profiles" item
of the "Geektalk" menu. Cut&Paste works perfectly, so I find this the
preferred method.

In the WhitePine version, you can set the font to Japanese but it's
fiddling somehow with the keyboard scripting routines, and you'll find
every few keystrokes it switches back and forth between standard and
Japanese, and is completely unusable. I've been reporting this to White
Pine for 2 years now, but it has not yet made the list of things they're
planning to address. I guess their commercial Japanized product is their
answer to this requirement.

Hope this helps,