Re: need addresses

Mark L. Bardenwerper, Sr. (
Thu, 01 Jan 1998 19:30:26 -0600

You do not give the version you are using, so I can only tell you
what I have for the Cornell PC version. This version has you current
IP # in the lower right hand corner of the main window.
for info on other addresses, the best starting point would be shown
below. Also look at the other sites I have selected for other info.
Best of luck and enjoy!

Joshua Balkenhol wrote:

> Where would I go to find names and addresses
> I have cu-seeme but can't use it because I don't know or have any
> address's so if anyone can help please send me something
> also if you could tell me how to figure out my own address
> thanks
> joshua balkenhol

What is a listserv?
List Info?
List Archives?
Reflector lists?

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