Re: Quick Cam and ATI Wonder TV Card - Help

Bill Woodland (
Sat, 03 Jan 1998 20:25:21 -0600

At 08:14 PM 1/3/98 -0500, Dave wrote:
>I am running Windows 95 and am using the latest version of the
>CuSeeMe software.
>I have a Connectix B&W Camera which worked perfectly with the
>A few days ago I installed the ATI All-In-One Wonder Card, which
>has a TV Tuner Card. The CuSeeMe software now works great with
>the TV Tunner, but I would like it to default or even only go to
>the QuickCam.
>Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to accomplish this.
>In my system.ini file, under the drivers section, there are the
>following two lines:
>I did try removing the ATI live (MSVIDEO2), but CuSeeMe still
>defaults to the TV Tuner.
>Thank you in advance for any suggestions!

Go to control panel/multimedia/advanced and double click on the video
capture devices entry to open it up. You should see both the Quickcam, and
the ATI card there. Double click on the quickcam, and tell it DON'T use
this device, then click on APPLY, and OK. Next, go to the ATI entry, and
do the opposite. Streak said this is how he switches, and he doesn't have
to restart windows, either. If this doesn't work for you, then try
restarting windows after selecting the video capture device that you want
to use.

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