Re: Quick Cam and ATI Wonder TV Card - Help

Dave (
Sat, 3 Jan 1998 22:27:37 -0500

Hello Bill

Thank you for the information - it worked great in getting the QuickCam
to be active rather than the TV Tuner.

Now I have another problem. The picture that CuSeeMe brings up is all
washed out. I have gone through the Net and hooked in with my other
computer (a Mac) and the image that is being broadcast is the same which
is displayed on the PC - all washed out.

Using the same lighting conditions, when bring up the QuickCam software
(Connectix - latest version) the picture is as it should be.

Any ideas.

Thanks once again.


>Go to control panel/multimedia/advanced and double click on the video
>capture devices entry to open it up. You should see both the Quickcam, and
>the ATI card there. Double click on the quickcam, and tell it DON'T use
>this device, then click on APPLY, and OK. Next, go to the ATI entry, and
>do the opposite. Streak said this is how he switches, and he doesn't have
>to restart windows, either. If this doesn't work for you, then try
>restarting windows after selecting the video capture device that you want
>to use.