Serious help request!!! Whew!!

Jack Slater (
Sun, 4 Jan 1998 18:07:58 -0600

Hello everybody........

I used Bruce's email to reply on becuz he refers to the Hauppauge card...I
missed what Mark B had to say about it but he and I have traded emails
before on this subject...I hope he, or anyone else can solve my puzzle..

I really need the committed help from the experts on the listserve. I
have been trying to get a video capture device running since spring of
97!!!! Normally, hardware things are a breeze for me but this video
capture stuff is about to totally drive me insane!!

Here's the scoop...I'm running a:

Micron 200 MMX PC
64MB Ram
Adaptec SCSI Card AHA 2940U
Seagate SCSI Hard Drive
Plextor SCSI CD
Iomega SCSI Jazz Drive
Iomega IDE Zip Drive
Diamond 200 Turbo Video Card
Sound Blaster AWE 64 Sound Card

When I put the card ( Hauppauge - WincastTV/DBX) in, Win95 (myPC)
recognizes it and asks for the software......I insert the disk, install the
driver and then am told to reboot.

When Win95 (myPC) restarts...The card tests for DirectX and tells me its
OK. Then wants to install the balance of the software. I am told to
reboot upon completion of the software install. When Win95 (myPC)
restarts, I have tow problems that occur...they are:

1) I get an error message "get hdl failed" and
2) I have no sound!!!!! (when I look in the device seems to
have installed another sound card!!!!) when I remove the card from the PCI
slot..I have sound again!!!!

What a challenge. I have talked and emailed the tech support group from
Hauppauge and solutions!!!

I had tried a Videologic PCI Capture card last way it would
work. It would always lock up the PC when I started the software....

I'm to me...please!!!!!

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On Sunday, January 04, 1998 2:31 PM, Bruce Dodson []
> I'm still shopping for a good camera. I liked what Mark B. had to say
> his Hauppauge card, but I'd rather get everything in one box. I've heard
> rumour that the USR BigPicture uses an OEM'd Hauppauge capture card (a la
> WinTV, but sans tuner). Can someone confirm whether there is any truth
> this?
> Thanks a lot,
> Bruce