Zoomed Video & Powerbook G3 & Krittercam

Will Nelson (wmnelson@inlandnet.com)
Sun, 4 Jan 1998 17:55:06 -0800

I am new to the list and have a question. I have a Powerbook G3, a 33.6
modem, a Krittercam (IREZ Research) using Zoomed Video. First of all, I'm
new to CU-SeeMe and haven't a clue what I'm doing and second I'm not sure I
have all the correct components. I also have a stereo microphone. Does
CU-SeeMe support the Krittercam and is any one out there using or has
anyone used a similar configuration. Secondly, I don't know where to
connect to test this. I have tried the IP Test address at Cornell, but I get the message
No Response. What am I doing wrong?
Thanks in advance, Will Nelson, wmnelson@inlandnet.com