Re: Serious help request!!! Whew!!

Mark L. Bardenwerper, Sr. (
Sun, 04 Jan 1998 23:13:25 -0600

Jack Slater wrote:
> Hello everybody........
> I used Bruce's email to reply on becuz he refers to the Hauppauge card...I
> missed what Mark B had to say about it but he and I have traded emails
> before on this subject...I hope he, or anyone else can solve my puzzle..
> I really need the committed help from the experts on the listserve. I
> have been trying to get a video capture device running since spring of
> 97!!!! Normally, hardware things are a breeze for me but this video
> capture stuff is about to totally drive me insane!!
> Here's the scoop...I'm running a:
> Micron 200 MMX PC
> 64MB Ram
> Adaptec SCSI Card AHA 2940U
> Seagate SCSI Hard Drive
> Plextor SCSI CD
> Iomega SCSI Jazz Drive
> Iomega IDE Zip Drive
> Diamond 200 Turbo Video Card
> Sound Blaster AWE 64 Sound Card
> When I put the card ( Hauppauge - WincastTV/DBX) in, Win95 (myPC)
> recognizes it and asks for the software......I insert the disk, install the
> driver and then am told to reboot.
> When Win95 (myPC) restarts...The card tests for DirectX and tells me its
> OK. Then wants to install the balance of the software. I am told to
> reboot upon completion of the software install. When Win95 (myPC)
> restarts, I have tow problems that occur...they are:
> 1) I get an error message "get hdl failed" and
> 2) I have no sound!!!!! (when I look in the device seems to
> have installed another sound card!!!!) when I remove the card from the PCI
> slot..I have sound again!!!!
> What a challenge. I have talked and emailed the tech support group from
> Hauppauge and solutions!!!
> I had tried a Videologic PCI Capture card last way it would
> work. It would always lock up the PC when I started the software....
> I'm to me...please!!!!!
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> On Sunday, January 04, 1998 2:31 PM, Bruce Dodson []
> wrote:
> > I'm still shopping for a good camera. I liked what Mark B. had to say
> about
> > his Hauppauge card, but I'd rather get everything in one box. I've heard
> a
> > rumour that the USR BigPicture uses an OEM'd Hauppauge capture card (a la
> > WinTV, but sans tuner). Can someone confirm whether there is any truth
> to
> > this?
> >
> > Thanks a lot,
> > Bruce, , like
Yes, I have had this happen during hardware installs. What is happening
is you are making conflicts. I can give you some ideas, but it is hard
to be specific.
1. If you have a PS 2 mouse, disable it and use a serial mouse. PS2 uses
one of the higher IRQ's (12, I think). Video and cap cards like that
slot, so free it up. A com port is in the lower region, like 3 or 4.
If you find W 95 puts your driver in the wrong place, delete the errant
driver in Device Manager and reinstall it in Add New Hardware, but do
not allow W 95 to search for the hardware. Then in the next box, select
other hardware and follow along from there. I had good luck with Haup's
support via e-mail As with most support, you
will need to wait a little for a response.
Keep in mind I am working from memory on the above advice. Good luck!
Mark L. Bardenwerper, Sr.