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ike relucio (
Mon, 5 Jan 1998 20:07:56 +0800

If the check boxes are greyed out, it is because CU-SEEME cannot find the
necessary video for windows drivers. Did your brother install the software
drivers that came with the camera ?

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From: Diane Weimer <>
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Date: Monday, January 05, 1998 9:22 AM
Subject: No video

>"Help Desk"
>I hope you can help with my problem. My brother is a new user. Can't get
>video. Has the Quick Cam connected to the printer port. Configured to
>look to printer port for the Quick Cam. His modem is connected to the
>modem port. When starting CUSeeme can't check boxes in the preferences
>to say he wants to send video because it is gray. He can name himself
>rather than having YOUR NAME up there though. He has a PM 4400 computer.
>He is trying to connect to a reflector site from London, England but I
>wouldn't think that was a problem.
>If you can't help me maybe you could point me to a FAQ group.
>Diane Weimer