Re: Cu-seeme .92b2

Mark L. Bardenwerper, Sr. (
Mon, 05 Jan 1998 23:43:48 -0600 wrote:
> I have a friend who bought a cam which was oem Packard Bell. He bought a
> capture card called Phillips EasyVideo. He installed the files
> successfully except he forgot to push the right buttons when it came to
> enhanced Cu-SeeMe. Now he has lost the set up disk.
> The camera works fine off of the card.
> My question is will cu-seeme recognize the capture card and the camera if
> we simply load it(set it up)?
> I don't see why not, but some of these programs are tricky.
> Thanks alot.
> Bill Hoge

Evidently, this card is capable of using Winnov software, which can be
gotten from I got this info from
Try setting your video format to YUY2 in CU.
Now, how in the world did I know this? Tell the truth, I didn't. But I
will tell you how you can be just as smart as I sounded.
The Internet is full of information if you know how to get it. This is
where your search engines come in. First I tried Infoseek. I typed the
name of your card in and pressed enter. Got zilch. Did I give up? No! I
went to Zahoo and did the same. Within two minutes I had all the info I
could handle.
Can you do that? Of course you can! Learn to use your search engines and
get your Internet to work for you.
Now go searching and good luck getting this setup to work. I think you
can do it.
Mark L. Bardenwerper, Sr.