Re: Please *HELP* w/CU and AOL

ike relucio (
Tue, 6 Jan 1998 19:50:29 +0800

i've encountered a problem similar to this one. (i'm not in the US).
Literally, within seconds from connecting to ref, the video 'freezes'. I
check my modem and I still have a connection. I try to ping a host and the
host name does not get resolved indicating that the ping did not even get to
my isp's DNS. After several more seconds of this, my connection is

My ISP says it is the quality of the phone lines in my area. I don't think
so. I've an account with another ISP and i've never encountered this
problem if I connect to that one.

One other thing: I set the modem speaker to be always on during the
connection. When the problem starts to manifest itself, i hear a short
'break' in the 'noise' that the modem is making while connected. A few
seconds after this break, I hear a continuous tone similar to what a modem
makes when it first connects to the remote modem. The lights on the modem
still look ok. Then after several seconds of this tone, connection is
terminated. In the modem log file is an entry that says that the 'remote
modem terminated the connection' or something like that.

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From: Brian K. Dowtin <>
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Date: Tuesday, January 06, 1998 6:17 AM
Subject: Please *HELP* w/CU and AOL

>Please help. I've spent the better part of a week on this
>and am at my wits end.
>The Setup:
> PC compatable (486/66MHz 33Mb)
> Boca 33.6 modem
> Windows 95
> AOL 3.0 for Win95
> B&W QuickCam
> Cu-SeeMe 2.x.x
>The Problem:
> When running CU-SeeMe using AOL as the ISP.
> Upon connect (to a reflector or a direct connect) just after connect,
> packet rate begins to drop, hits 0, Cu reports Connection Timed out,
> AOL hangs, then hangs up - "Goodbye".
>The Tries:
> 1. Tried same setup on different machine, similar results -
> AOL hangs up.
> 2. Email WPine Tech Support - had me check my TCP/IP settings for the
> AOL adapter, they're ok
> 3. Online Tech Suppt with AOL - similar suggestions to WhitePine,
> essentially said if the browser is working, then their TCP/IP setup
> is fine, and "it's not them"
>The Obvious Solution:
> Have my mom switch to a more direct ('real') ISP. But she's gotten used
> to AOL and does not want to switch.
>I've spent countless hours trying to get this to work with no avail, save
>for one connection to a NASA ref that lasted for 5 minutes without
>dieing - spurred on by this success I tried to make a DC next, which
>promply killed the connection. UGH.
>I will be eternally grateful to anyone who has even a smigen of help
>or advice on getting this setup working - my guess is I've missed a
>basic something (modem setup or something like that)
>Thanks in advance!