Re: CU-SeeMe - Does Audio work on a Modem?

Gary Dietz (
Tue, 06 Jan 1998 16:55:45 -0500

>Does the 3.1 Whiteboard have compatibility with H.323? umm. T.120 or
>whatever it is. Can the Whiteboard be shared with Netmeeting and other
>H.323 compliant software?

The WhitePineBoard is a T.120 Whiteboard. Essentially, that's meaninngless
(***for now***) with regards to inter-vendor communication.

The way I understand it is that T.120 defines a way for whiteboards/app
sharing to communicate, but it does not define the level of detail
necessary to complete the intervendor whiteboard. To simplify (as we
marketing guys usually do), T.120 basically tells Whiteboards how to
connect, but it has no way of saying, "okay, move your highlighter pen 35
pixels to the right."

This later type of compatibility comes in T.126, T.127, or T.128 I believe.
I'm not really following the details of this ITU stuff. But, essentially,
when T.126 gets finalized, you'll see inter-vendor whiteboard
compatibility. Oh, by the way, I don't believe T.120 was ever an
"official" part of H.323.

This being said -- when a MeetingPoint conference is configured to support
a T.120 conference, you can have CU<-->CU whiteboard conferences -or-
NM<-->NM whiteboard conferences, but *not* CU<-->NM whiteboard conferences.

The interoperability of CU<-->NM is limited to H.263 video and G.723 audio.

Now, before Jason blows a gasket:

1) The chat standards, whiteboard standard just don't exist yet. When they
do, we'll support them. They just aren't there yet.

2) One of the many applications of MPCS may indeed be the hosting of
clients completely outside the realm of CU at all -- MPCS rocks when
hosting Intel Business Video H.323 hardware assisted clients. For that
matter, MPCS extended NM clients into a multipoint world that they don't
currently allow.

H.323 is not (at least today) intended for the casual video chatter as
defined in the market as built by the loyal Cornell and WP following.
However, it may some day be (or it may never). The H.323 market is more
tilted toward the general business and/or distance learning markets.


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