Which Cam Should I Purchase?

Mark E. Hendricks (mehendricks@myself.com)
Wed, 07 Jan 1998 10:09:24 -0500

I am brand new (or newer) to CU-See-Me. I have decided that although I
own a pretty good video cam, I would rather purchase a digital cam than buy
a capture card ( I will most likely buy a card later for other purposes).
If anyone has a strong opinion that this is the wrong course of action, I
would like to hear what you have to say. I am the considering purchasing
the 'Connectix Color QuickCam 2', but I am uncertain. I know there are
many different cams available and I would greatly appreciate and and all
feedback regarding which camera offers the best quality audio and video.
Naturally, I want the best performance.

My System Info:

HD: 3.1 GB
sound card: CreativeLabs AWE64
video card: Diamond Viper v330 128bit w/4MB RAM
modem: USR Winmodem 33.6kbps

Thank You,
Mark E. Hendricks