Fps with Connectix grey scale cam

Rick Miller (trick@flash.net)
Fri, 09 Jan 1998 18:10:22 -0600

Basically my question is, on a pentium 200 , 64megs ram ,
33.6 modem , is 1 to 2 fps a decent rate or do I have something set
wrong? I transmit at Min. 5 / Max 15 , and recieve at Min 5 and Max 28.
My video seems to be clear and sharp, but what I read here on
the list , my fps's should be higher. Am I confused or what :>
The individual I connect with on a daily basis , is running a
twin to what I have and gets the same Fps as I do.
Sometimes it's a 0 Fps for several minutes, but we still have
picture and motion .
Thanks in advance
P.S. Jason , went to your reflector last night , first time
there . It was very interesting . I would like to thank all the people
here for all their posts and information they have sent . I can say ,
it's been one of the best sources for learning about Cu-SeeMe I have
been able to find . Thanks again