Dale Paul (
Fri, 9 Jan 1998 16:40:44 -0800

Well..finally decided to join the 21st Century and get on this mail list.
For those who don't know me, I am the creater of Refmarshal. Some of you
know me on CU as n10sive.
I wanted to dispell some rumours and decided this forum might be the best
place. Some people have been kind and CC'd me on mail from this list where
my name was mentioned so I decided to be heard from personally. (Sorry about
the general post...newbie here, prolly better just to developers)
First, let me say that I am NOT associated with White Pine, Cornell, Jason
or Brian. I am just an interested party in CU.
Refmarshal was originally created over a year ago for a friend of mine who
ran an adult WP 2.0 ref. At the time, he was spending countless hours trying
to teach his refmons how to use telnet to help controll the reflector. This
was pretty agrivating, so I created the original Refmarshal for him, for at
the time there were no GUI applications to help run the Reflector.
As we all know, CU-SeeMe is still in its infancy and can be likened to the
Wild West, and can often be very "interesting" to say the least. Also, we
all know that some people use this forum for their own perversions, welcomed
or not.
*MY* purpose for creating Refmarshal was SOLELY to help fill a void in this
emerging arena and to help Reflector Owners manage the participants on their
reflectors. White Pine and Brian Godette have also made great strides in
this area by adding new and improved commands to the reflector control set.
Since the creation of Refmarshal I have seen the ranks of the monitor forces
grow and have seen noticeable changes in the "manners" being used on most
public reflectors. This is good! Now we can bring our wifes and mothers to
CU without being unindated with requests for DC's or that every present
wanker! Also, reflector owners can get a life and not have to sit on their
refs 24/7 :) I have receive nothing but POSITIVE comments on this.
Now to dispell rumours:
1) Refmarshal was not created for the general masses.
2) It was not designed to replace GeekPC. Brian Godette helped me with Geek
only as a way to allow a refmon to send a private message to someone who was
pressing the ref rules without embarrassing them.
3) I have a $20 contribution and a registration process in place. This is
ONLY to shake out the riffraff. Legit ref owners are welcome to contact me
personally for options and "information".
4) I am not a "wannabe" programmer. I have a day job as the Cheif Engineer
for a software company. Refmarshal is not going to make me rich. I also do
not need a name on CU. I am happy visiting the reflector I hang on and have
many "Friends" already. Refmarshal was "academic" for me..not a "commercial"
5) I am NOT in competition with White Pine. Anyone that feels the need to
use their HTML based solution is more than welcome too. Refmarshal is just
another alternative. (psst...White can stop downloading Refmarshal
with phony email's ok..really..I don't bite hehe )
6) I am not interested in "flaming" reflectors or getting into debates about
who has the better one. I am not in the Reflector business :)
7) I WILL NOT, and HAVE NOT exploited any security problems or backdoors to
any client software or reflector. While I understand Refmarshal was used to
exploit a recent security problem on an unnamed reflector, that wasn't my
fault or intent.

I would like also to thank here publicly Brian, Jason and Bill for all their
help in making Refmarshal what I feel is a good product (if I'm allowed to
say that ) :))

Has this is NOT an advertisment for Refmarshal, I will not include the URL
to download it here :))