Re: Fps with Connectix grey scale cam

Mark L. Bardenwerper, Sr. (
Sat, 10 Jan 1998 10:22:39 -0600

Sounds like all is well, there. FPS is going to be slower with QuickCam. You
could experiment with Max setting up to 33, but it probably won't help that
much. Yes, I keep my transmit rates low as well. I consider this great ref

Rick Miller wrote:

> Basically my question is, on a pentium 200 , 64megs ram ,
> 33.6 modem , is 1 to 2 fps a decent rate or do I have something set
> wrong? I transmit at Min. 5 / Max 15 , and recieve at Min 5 and Max 28.
> My video seems to be clear and sharp, but what I read here on
> the list , my fps's should be higher. Am I confused or what :>
> The individual I connect with on a daily basis , is running a
> twin to what I have and gets the same Fps as I do.
> Sometimes it's a 0 Fps for several minutes, but we still have
> picture and motion .
> Thanks in advance
> Rick
> P.S. Jason , went to your reflector last night , first time
> there . It was very interesting . I would like to thank all the people
> here for all their posts and information they have sent . I can say ,
> it's been one of the best sources for learning about Cu-SeeMe I have
> been able to find . Thanks again

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