Re: Fps with Connectix grey scale cam

Jason Williams (
Sat, 10 Jan 1998 16:23:04 -0600 (CST)

On Fri, 9 Jan 1998, Rick Miller wrote:
> Basically my question is, on a pentium 200 , 64megs ram ,
> 33.6 modem , is 1 to 2 fps a decent rate or do I have something set
> wrong? I transmit at Min. 5 / Max 15 , and recieve at Min 5 and Max 28.

1 to 2 fps is about right for modem users with CU...Those rates are fine.

> My video seems to be clear and sharp, but what I read here on
> the list , my fps's should be higher. Am I confused or what :>

Hmm..a point of clarification..
The frame rates on CU are much lower than the frame rates supported by the
hardware. A Quickcam can do up to 15 fps I believe. A capture card can
do 30 fps. In any case, with any movement, the frame rate on CU is still
limited to the bandwidth of your internet connection. That's why, with
respect to frame rate only, it's a moot point whether you have a Quickcam
or a capture card.

> The individual I connect with on a daily basis , is running a
> twin to what I have and gets the same Fps as I do.

1-2 fps isn't bad for modem users on CU. With other
videoconferencing software on a modem, you can get up to 5-6 fps or
so..but that's typically limited to point to point conferences.

> Sometimes it's a 0 Fps for several minutes, but we still have
> picture and motion.

That's normal too...If you're using the Cornell Grayscale codec, and you
have a lot of motion in the vid, it will drop to 0. Stay perfectly still
at it will increase to 5-6fps (sometimes higher).

> P.S. Jason , went to your reflector last night , first time
> there . It was very interesting .

Glad you enjoyed it :)

> I can say ,
> it's been one of the best sources for learning about Cu-SeeMe I have
> been able to find . Thanks again

Yep..previous to joining the listserv, my other sources for CU information
(besides the people I talk to on CU) were limited to a couple of usenet
newsgroups which largely became offtopic or didn't deal with CU directly.

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