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Jason Williams (
Sat, 10 Jan 1998 18:20:44 -0600 (CST)

On Fri, 9 Jan 1998, Dale Paul wrote:
> Well..finally decided to join the 21st Century and get on this mail list.

Welcome to the madness :)

> Since the creation of Refmarshal I have seen the ranks of the monitor forces
> grow and have seen noticeable changes in the "manners" being used on most
> public reflectors.

Yep..I've seen this develop over the course of the last few years on CU as
well. The users of CU seem to want a place to go where they can feel safe
without people harrassing them.

> Also, reflector owners can get a life and not have to sit on their
> refs 24/7 :)

Amen! :)

> Now to dispell rumours:
> 1) Refmarshal was not created for the general masses.

While I know you're intent wasn't for the general masses...I've picked up
on your idea of reflector control with the use of my proxy server. The
proxy server is not only useful in limiting commands for reflector admins
that choose to use it, but also for the general public. It's nice to be
able to see who's on a reflector before going there. Refmarshal is a nice
interface that accomplishes this and can potentially be used by the public
to monitor reflectors much in the same way my reflector scanner is used to
monitor public reflectors.

> 2) It was not designed to replace GeekPC. Brian Godette helped me with Geek
> only as a way to allow a refmon to send a private message to someone who was
> pressing the ref rules without embarrassing them.

It may have not been intended to replace GeekPC..but as of right now, it's
a much easier interface to Geek people with. Point and click Geeking
combined with my proxy server gives the public an easier means to use
private chatting on the older White Pine clients. I've heard nothing but
good things about GeekPC32 but I have yet to see it. Right now,
Refmarshal makes private chatting a breeze. On reflectors which support
my proxy server, it's definitely a good thing to have. The current
version of GeekPC is still rather difficult to use...mainly because of all
the steps you have to go through just to send a private message. GeekPC
is still a good thing for those reflectors that aren't in my proxy server
though. I've been looking forward to seeing GeekPC32 when it comes out.

> 5) I am NOT in competition with White Pine. Anyone that feels the need to
> use their HTML based solution is more than welcome too. Refmarshal is just
> another alternative.

You never were in competition with White Pine. The WP GUI only works with
the White Pine reflectors. The MPCS GUI only works with MeetingPoint
reflectors. The WP 2.1 reflector GUI that White Pine put out ONLY works
with WP 2.1 reflectors (and was very buggy for me..crashed constantly).
The nice thing about Refmarshal is that it's not limited to the latest WP
reflectors. It works on everything from Cornell reflectors to Brian
Godette's Enhanced Reflectors to the older White Pine 2.0.X and 2.1
reflectors as well as MeetingPoint. That's one reason I use it's VERY flexible.

> 7) I WILL NOT, and HAVE NOT exploited any security problems or backdoors to
> any client software or reflector. While I understand Refmarshal was used to
> exploit a recent security problem on an unnamed reflector, that wasn't my
> fault or intent.

Actually.. ANYONE could exploit it..if you're referring to the recent MP
security holes..
luckily tells you how to fix it.

(For any MPCS operators out there.. go upgrade to SP3.. from looking at
what it fixes.. you NEED it) :)

> I would like also to thank here publicly Brian, Jason and Bill for all their
> help in making Refmarshal what I feel is a good product (if I'm allowed to
> say that ) :))

Of course you are :) And thank YOU for writing it... And yeah, it's a good
product..which can be seen by the happy users of it.

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