A vote of thanks !

Rick Miller (trick@flash.net)
Sat, 10 Jan 1998 21:01:21 -0600

Jason , thanks so much for your response ! on greyscale
pics on cu and modems .
One question I have about your reflector , or reflectors in
general. Can a group of , lets say 4 people connect to your , or
another Ref , and chat privately . If so how , with out others prying
in or observing !
I understand when I am sending video , everyone on the ref can see
me , and can close my pic . My ex lives in Va., fiance' lives in
Victoria Canada and Daughter is here in her room with her own Computer
and camera . We want to connect and all be seen and have a group chat,
but have nothing to hide , just wondered if its possible to block others
from seeing us?
Thanks Again for all your imput !