Re: Fps with Connectix grey scale cam

Mark L. Bardenwerper, Sr. (
Sat, 10 Jan 1998 21:12:33 -0600

Jason Williams wrote:

Hmm..a point of clarification..

> The frame rates on CU are much lower than the frame rates supported by the
> hardware. A Quickcam can do up to 15 fps I believe. A capture card can
> do 30 fps. In any case, with any movement, the frame rate on CU is still
> limited to the bandwidth of your internet connection. That's why, with
> respect to frame rate only, it's a moot point whether you have a Quickcam
> or a capture card.


Oh, I wouldn't go that far! I'd say that with the Quickcam, the rates this guy
is getting is optimum. Without changing anything but the capture device (B&W
Quick to Haup. and vid. cam. I at least doubled my FPS, sometimes even more.
And the picture is much more sharp and controllable (such as zoom).

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