Ah, sweet serenity; was: Had A Problem

Mark L. Bardenwerper, Sr. (bardenwe@compufort.com)
Sun, 11 Jan 1998 10:37:37 -0600

GSouthStar wrote:

> So ok...........I made a mistake........I didnt know it was such a horrible
> act, to send a attachment to a list.....I simply thought it would perk up
> someones day, a
> pleasent diversion,from the ordinary course.
> For those that it offended, and they clicked reply, explaining my error, i do
> apologise........It will not happen again.
> For those that it offended, and they felt the need to reply to the list,and
> show
> what a perfect ass that they are......I doubt my message was the first item to
> ruin your day.....I suspect it started when you woke up and saw another
> human.I assure you the last place i wanted my message to end up, was on your
> clutterd up hard disk.
> But......since it did.....Im quite happy that it was such a nightmare for
> you, my only regret is that it was only 20k, that you had to go get, .......I
> can only hope that you had to go get each of the 16,589 bytes, one at a time,
> and when you do get them all out, you can file em where the sun dont shine.
> Good Day Folks
> GSouthStar@aol.com

I will be glad to supply this party with the weapons on choice... will it be swords or
pistols at 20 paces?
If you're ever in aching need of a toungue lashing, just offend Jackie.

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