Re: Ah, sweet serenity; was: Had A Problem

Si Ballenger (
Sun, 11 Jan 1998 13:32:34 -0500

>> But......since it did.....Im quite happy that it was such a
nightmare for
>> you, my only regret is that it was only 20k, that you had to go get, .......I
>> can only hope that you had to go get each of the 16,589 bytes, one at a time,
>> and when you do get them all out, you can file em where the sun dont shine.
>> Good Day Folks
> I will be glad to supply this party with the weapons on choice... will it
be swords or
>pistols at 20 paces?

No need, just say no thanks and return the attachement as multipal messages
(1/N... N/N) with one line per message. Maybe include a copy of windows NT
too! ;-)