Help!!! Microtek Eyestar MDC 1 Desktop Camera

Stephen Dummett (
Mon, 12 Jan 1998 18:17:43 +1100

Hi All,
I am using a Microtek Eyestar MDC 1 Desktop camera with very little
My equipment details:
Pentium 133, 1.2gig hard drive, 64k of EDO simm ram, Windows 95
The cam uses the Enhanced Parallel Port and the driver is mcamvfw.drv.
Im not sure which of the eleven codecs in my system it is using but if
it uses the first in the list it is Cinepak (TM). If this codec is
incorrect how do I tell it which one to choose. I thought CUseeme would
choose the most appropriate of the eleven.
The cuseeme version I am using is the latest Cornell beta product on
the market 0.92b2. I have tried the WP version as well but it didnt
even recognise I had a cam and I was always lurking.
I have tried cudoodle.dll but it produced a worse picture(only 4 shades
of gray) than my original problem, that being my video output was
producing a picture negative. I have been into the cuseeme.ini file and
wrote in a imageinvert command but this had no effect.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the ppl online in
cuseeme (a very helpful community) who have tried to help...particularly
Windo BV, Warpdude, Squeek and Barb.
If anyone has some ideas on how I can fix this problem (excluding
suggestions of a new cam or capture cards) I would be very appreciative
of your advice!!
Kind Regards
Steve (Sydney, Australia)