Re: IP incorrect msg.

Brian Godette (
Mon, 12 Jan 1998 11:12:10 -0700

At 08:52 AM 1/10/98 -0500, you wrote:
> When I try to connect I get "Your IP Address is incorrect, restart
>CU-SeeMe" from the reflector. I have put my IP address in the HOSTS file.
>For ex., username
>Please email me with suggestions.
>Thank you.
>>From Elizabeth Lee
> e-mail:

This is a message that's generated by ERefs if your CU client has a
different IP address than the physical interface the packets originate
from, this usually only happens on systems with more than one IP interface
defined (Ethernet & PPP). To fix which IP is picked you need to remove
dial-up networking, reboot, and reinstall dial-up networking, it will then
use the IP from the PPP session as the default IP when you're connected to
your ISP.