CORNELL as in Ithaca.....

Patrick Daly (
Mon, 12 Jan 1998 13:53:14 -0600

This list has become a joke. People whine over attachments, over why
they are getting the mail? While two or three people serve as tech
surrort for White Pine. Personaly I believe this to be the CORNELL
software discussion list NOT White Pine. As a Mac User I have NO good
words for the White Pine Product. I compare it to MS Word on the Mac,
cluncky interface and way to big for what it is meant to do. So I would
like White Pine to set up a list for their product, using their
resources (server, listserver). This is not the place for commerce. This
was a place for people to exchange ideas about Cornell's ever growing
beta Product, to exchange code and come up with solutions for a living
program. Not one that has a $100 price tag, that should have had them
worked out before release.
If I pissed you off what ever, I'm just sick of White Pine folk giving
their answer as if it is the ONLY version. Give us back our Cornell