Re: Help!!! Microtek Eyestar MDC 1 Desktop Camera

Jason Williams (
Mon, 12 Jan 1998 15:42:21 -0600 (CST)

On Mon, 12 Jan 1998, Stephen Dummett wrote:
> The cam uses the Enhanced Parallel Port and the driver is mcamvfw.drv.
> Im not sure which of the eleven codecs in my system it is using but if
> it uses the first in the list it is Cinepak (TM). If this codec is
> incorrect how do I tell it which one to choose. I thought CUseeme would
> choose the most appropriate of the eleven.

As I understand it, Cornell CU doesn't "choose" a video codec to
converts the video into something it can use. Only the White Pine version
allow you to choose which video codecs to use.

> The cuseeme version I am using is the latest Cornell beta product on
> the market 0.92b2. I have tried the WP version as well but it didnt
> even recognise I had a cam and I was always lurking.
> I have tried cudoodle.dll but it produced a worse picture(only 4 shades
> of gray) than my original problem, that being my video output was
> producing a picture negative. I have been into the cuseeme.ini file and
> wrote in a imageinvert command but this had no effect.

Yeah, CU-Doodle doesn't work right with Cornell 0.92b2. It works
perfectly with the White Pine versions though. Maybe try using CU-Doodle
with the White Pine version. If the WP version doesn't detect the original
camera, it should detect CU-Doodle.

I don't know if it would help much..but the Cornell 0.92b2 version uses
"cu-seeme.ini" not "cuseeme.ini" (the older 0.84b7 version uses
well as WP 2.X clients). I don't see the "invert video" option in 0.92b2

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